To Swipe or Not to Swipe

So many dating apps, so little time. But it’s not the time to date I’m lacking. Well, let me rephrase that. I am extraordinarily busy, with work, staying active, trying to get enough sleep, making time for my hobbies, making time for my friends, the endless cycle of cleaning and laundry, and trying to BALANCE. IT. ALL. But I would (and do) make time for dates. It’s the swiping I don’t have time for. Once I get going, it’s hard not to keep going, wondering if “the one” is just one swipe away… or the next… or the next…. Before I know it, ten minutes of my precious life has been sucked away. I must be a masochist because I’ll repeat the self torture later in the day… and again… and again...

They say you should make split second decisions with the swiping, not analyzing the profiles too much. After all, we know within seconds if we find someone we meet attractive or not. But when you’re actually interested in a REAL relationship, it’s hard to casually swipe like the game it’s meant to be. I’d like to have an actual conversation with someone. I’d like to see someone standing in front of me and decide in real life if we have any chemistry or not.

We do have other options in the app dating world where there isn’t a seemingly endless stack of cards to swipe through. I’ve definitely tried them all, but the same problem exists with the profile analyzation. Is he tall enough? Too many selfies? Too self absorbed? Does he have a real job? Is he even a good person? This one seems like a contender! Oh wait. He can’t spell.

Maybe I’m being too picky or not picky enough. How can we even tell? And the scary fact of the matter is that anyone coming across my profile is doing the exact same thing and judging every picture, what I’ve written about myself (if they care who I am past what I look like), and deciding if I’m worthy of a little flick of a finger to the right.

There is a better way.