Uncertainty in dating is powerful

When finding love becomes your utmost priority, you can’t help but find yourself battling with the dating world, resisting it and all the uncertainty that it brings. Finding love begins to feel tiring and, most likely, uninspiring. You wonder why the process has to be filled with so much anxiety. Well, it does! It has to be filled with anxiety because you have to be invested in the outcome – wanting the best loving relationship for yourself implies risk-taking and open-mindedness. The more open you are to different people, the more likely you are to find those who don’t rock your world. The reward to being open is, however, self-discovery. Are you kind? Are you patient or do you “flip” as soon as you feel like you’re in a fog? Even if you are feeling uncomfortable while dating, you always get to choose who you want to be with that person. One thing that you can do no matter how you’re feeling behind closed doors is listen. Actively listening to someone is the greatest impact that can come from your interaction. So, when you start feeling anxious about dating and uncertainty, focus on what you want to create for another person when they interact with you. Do you want them to feel relaxed or energized? What kind of action can you take to make someone feel that way? In doing so, you are experimenting with your approach and you are in the process of giving rather than expecting or taking. Your mindset is something you can define, and your heart is always something you can keep open, because it is the light and the warmth that radiates from you that makes all the difference in the world. I’ve read this amazing quote the other day “Both security and freedom are acts of the imagination. Neither of them are fundamental realities”. When you start understanding that feeling both free and secure cannot be given or taken away by anyone, you no longer associate that feeling with the other person. Instead of being anxious with the uncertainty of dating, look for that security to come from within you.