Productive Relationships as Growth Opportunities

Productive Relationships are those that uplift us, support our growth, broaden our views, and provide a space for mutual exploration. These are not limited to a certain type or level of commitment, although they all share one common denominator – they share a bond of authentic love. Sometimes, it can be with a person who lives far away and there is no physical intimacy but, rather, exchanging stories and building dreams. Sometimes, it can show up with a person who isn’t looking for a life-long commitment but who does, nevertheless, value connection and living in the moment with you. Productive relationships that leave a significant impact on you are worthy of discovery, whether they last a while or stay with you for just a moment. These are the relationships through which you uncover your depth and your ability to truly love another human being. When you experience productive relationships, you most often lose your lists of criteria for that perfect person and, instead, gain appreciation for other personalities and other ways of achieving happiness. Most importantly, you know that even if one relationship ends, a different one will come along and empower you in new and beautiful ways. So, take chances with people and allow them to show you something special. Don't try to make them all fit a certain format, but appreciate them for walking into your life and leaving a lasting memory.